Does my internship site have to be approved?

Yes. Internship sites must be given prior approval by the Professional School Program Committee. You will need to submit an Intern Site Preselection Data Sheet for committee approval.

When does my internship start?

You are technically on the ASU school schedule. However, it is strongly recommended that you discuss your starting and ending dates with your on-site and university supervisors to ensure that you meet the 600-hour requirement. Often it is most appropriate to schedule your hours on your site school calendar, including vacation breaks.

How do I choose a site and on-site supervisor?

The first step is to meet with your advisor to locate and confirm an appropriate site. Contact etiquette varies from district to district. Your university supervisor has access to contact information across the state and previous student evaluations of sites and supervisors. On-site supervisors must be fully licensed school counselors with a minimum of two years full-time experience.

Your advisor will initiate a professional contact with the site and potential site supervisor. You will be asked to schedule an interview at the prospective site and meet with the on-site supervisor. If you both agree to the terms of the internship, you will complete an Intern Site Preselection Data Sheet and an Internship Contract.

We encourage you to select an on-site supervisor that will best meet your needs. You are looking for someone who has substantial professional expertise. This should be someone you respect and would like to model after. The primary requirements are their qualifications, investment in a comprehensive, developmental counseling program, and their ability to provide you with an hour of individual supervision each week.

Can I divide my internship hours between two semesters?

Yes, you are allowed to spread the hours out over a year if that suits your needs better. You can complete 300 hours each semester but you will need to continue with supervision until your hours are completed.

Do I have to attend the internship meetings?

Yes. They are mandatory. Please refer to your Internship Handbook regarding scheduling conflicts.

How do I document my internship experiences?

Start a log immediately and document all your hours. Sample forms are in your internship handbook. You will need to demonstrate a minimum of 240 hours in direct service (student counseling, parent conferences, group sessions, classroom presentations, teacher consultations, etc.). You will be developing a portfolio in which you can keep lesson plans, letters, needs assessments, summaries, evaluations, etc. Portfolios will be reviewed at the end of the semester and serve as your primary method of documentation.