Criminal Background Check

All students planning on a field experience, i.e., practicum and internship, must complete an ASU Criminal Background Check. Some counties, such as Watauga, require additional, local checks. Please check with your adviser to determine which additional forms you may need to complete. Submit Form One to your advisor along with your Permission to Register Form. Your general placement plans should be discussed with your adviser and appropriate sites identified. Your advisor will contact potential sites/site supervisors to inquire about a possible placement. Your advisor will notify you when it is appropriate for you to contact the school directly, schedule a meeting, and determine if there is a match. Your criminal background check is good for one year, so if you complete the practicum and internship in consecutive semesters (fall/spring or vice versa) you need only complete the check once. If there is a semester lag between your two field experiences, you will need to complete additional checks. Contact the background check company and request to initiate the process and pay a nominal fee. Please initiate your check 1-2 months prior to your placement so that your clearance is available at the beginning of your experience.