Program and Graduation Checklist

  • Complete Program of Study – Meet with your advisor to develop a tentative program of study. Then complete and submit the formal paperwork. This is a contract between you and the University to make sure you meet program requirements. Changes to this contract can be made as needed, but the fewer the better. It is recommended that you complete a program of study anytime after your first semester.
  • Complete Permission Forms for Practicum and Internship – You must obtain approval from your advisor and department chair prior to registration.
  • Practicum: Application deadlines are March 1st for fall practicum and October 1st for spring practicum. You must have completed core courses 5220 (Theories), 5130 (Intro to School Counseling), and 4790 (Groups) prior to your Practicum.
  • Internship - Application deadlines are March 1st for a fall internship and October 1st for a spring internship. You must have completed all of the above courses and 5210 (Life & Career), 5140 (Testing), 5750 (Legal & Ethical Issues), and 6620 (Consultation) prior to Internship. There will be a mandatory internship orientation meeting and you must receive formal approval from the SC Committee for your internship site.
  • Initiate a Criminal Background Check and receive clearance
  • Obtain documentation that you have recently received and tested negative on a TB test.
  • Register for Comprehensive Exams – Exam dates are set for each semester. You must register 4 to 5 weeks prior to testing dates. There is a $45 fee for the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE).
  • Apply for Graduation – With your last semester's registration, apply at the Graduate School for your Diploma and Graduation.
  • Take NTE/Praxis – Counseling Specialty portion only. Request that a copy of your scores be sent to ASU.
  • Apply for Licensure at:
    College of Education
    Field Placement Office
    $55.00 payable to NCDPI
  • Consider taking National Counselor Exam (NCE) - You are eligible to sit for the exam as you are graduating from a CACREP accredited program.
  • Consider getting a Physical at the Health Center before graduation. You will need one before working at most schools.
  • Remember that as an ASU graduate you are eligible for lifelong services through the Career Development Center (i.e. help with your resume, interviewing skills, job search, etc.).