International Opportunities

Close up of globe, centered on Europe and AsiaWe are proud of our graduates who have lived and worked internationally:

  • Dan Everett - China
  • Corrie Sias - Germany
  • Ryan Finch - France
  • Kristen Weathers - Poland
  • Erin Wilkinson - New Zealand
  • Brian Meyers - India
  • Sommer Bloom - Kuwait
  • Sally Goodwin - Dubai, AEU
  • Meredith Casper - Belize

Click HERE to explore some images of the international experiences our professors and students have obtained.

There are many ways to work and travel overseas. Here are some places to start!

International Schools Services
The International Schools Services (ISS) is one of the major contacts. ISS provides a candidate-school matching service and hosts several job fairs in the US and abroad.
Escape Artists is another access point for exploring jobs overseas.

Department of Defense Educational Activity
Department of Defense schools have an excellent reputation and offer diverse opportunities; look under teacher recruitment.

US State Department
The US State Department also coordinates with schools abroad.

Search Associates
Database for resumes and references and information about openings at hundreds of international schools. They also host several job fairs in the US and abroad.

Council of International Schools
The Council provides a valuable catalog of international schools.

The University of Northern Iowa
The University hosts a large fair with over 100 schools attending. Iowa in February - - let the culture shock begin!