We have collected a variety of questions that new students have and hope this will help you achieve a smooth transition into the program.


You will participate in a PSC Orientation during the first class of the Introduction to PSC course. We will introduce the faculty and C-MAC members, provide an overview of the program and required forms, and provide a tour of important locations within the Reich College of Education (RCOE).


If you are interested in housing on-campus, please visit the Housing Office. If you are interested in off-campus housing, we suggest you visit the Off-Campus Housing Office.


You will not be able to rent graduate level textbooks. You can purchase them at the ASU Bookstore or on-line.


The HPC Department offers three certificate programs which may be of interest. The Addictions Certificate , Expressive Arts Certificate,  , and Systemic Multicultural Certificate are offered. These courses can generally be taken as your electives within the PSC Program.

Registration Dates

Please visit the Registrar's Office for a listing of the academic calendar and important dates and deadlines.


You will receive information about assistantships in your acceptance packet. You will need to contact individual offices to inquire about available postions.


Most students are comfortable and successful taking 9-12 hours of graduate credit a semester. With special permission from the Graduate School, after your first semester, you may apply to take an overload.


You are assigned an advisor upon acceptance into the program. Please contact your advisor early on to plan and prepare for your enrollment. Please view the faculty webpages at the beginning of this site to get to know your advisor and obtain contact information.

Recommended Course

Registering for the first semester can be a little confusing, but there are some guidelines we recommend. You are required to take HPC 5310: Introduction to PSC in the fall semester. All the new students will take the class together. You may want to consider HPC 5220: Theories and Techniques in Counseling to get a solid theoretical foundation. HPC 5790: Group Methods and Processes, HPC 5272: Individual and Family Development, HPC 5210: Life and Career Planning, HPC 5140: Psychological and Educational Testing, HPC 5110: Multicultural Counseling, and RES 5000: Research Methods are all good additional courses to take early on. You will want to balance your schedule so that you have some heavy content courses (5310, 5220) with some that may be more experiential (5790, 5110) in nature.