Student Spotlight Round 2

Melissa Auten


Student:  Melissa Auten

Program Entry Year:  Fall 2016

Academic Background:  Appalachian State University | Degree in Recreation Management | Minor in sociology

Why APP:  Both parents are alumni, born and bread a Mountaineer

Why School Counseling:    To help build  connections with kids to help enhance their educational careers!

Fun Fact: Used to be a zipline guide in the redwoods of California.

Hannah McGarry


Student:  Hannah McGarry

Program Entry Year:  2015

Academic Background:  Appalachian State University | BS in Psychology

Why APP:  Since I grew up in Charlotte, I was looking for a place where I could explore and enjoy the great outdoors!

Why School Counseling:  I have a passion for helping people achieve wellness through mind and body health, and being able to impact people at a young age seems like the best way to impart preventative knowledge.

Fun Fact:  I am enrolling my two-year-old dog into therapy dog training this summer so I may eventually use her as a reading dog!