Multicultural Happenings


On Thursday, November 2nd the second years took a field trip in their Consultation course with Dr. Johnson.  This fieldtrip was just accross from the College of Ed. Building in the Plemmons Student Union.  There was a Hmong festival being hosted by ASU's Hmong Society Club.  From 6-8pm there was a vast array of Hmong traditional acivities that anyone could attend and partake in.  Some students were familiar with the Hmong culture, while some others were activiely learning all about this Asian sub culture and its traditions.  There were folk tales both told and acted out by family of the members and by the actual members of the club.  There were songs sang and traditional dances performed.  Attendees were even treated to taste Hmong foods, such as a Tapioca drink called Nab Vam, a ground beef dish called Larb, and white rice that is traditionally served with many Hmong dishes.  This multicultural experience was one to remember that will now allow our future school counselors to better connect with their students of the Hmong culture.  

Published: Nov 10, 2017 1:41pm