2019-2020 Cohort Orientation

The 2019-2020 Professional School Counseling cohort met together for orientation on Friday August 16, 2019. The purpose of new cohort orientation for incoming graduate students in the Professional school Counseling program is to begin fostering bonding and connection between new cohort members and to introduce these new students to the basics of both graduate school life and specifics of the program itself. Throughout this orientation, program faculty review the program handbook with students and get students acquainted wit the process of developing their program of study. Along these lines, the advising process and purpose is reviewed as well. While much of this orientation focuses on program-specific details, general aspects of adjusting to graduate school are discussed as well. These topics include financial aid, graduate assistantships, parking, and social connection. To facilitate the creation of social and professional network, the Professional School Counseling program’s mentoring organization, CMAC (Counselors Mentoring and Connecting), provides a meet-and-greet lunch wherein second year graduate students provide support and share experiences with incoming students. CMAC is a completely student run organization. In order to make this information accessible and enjoyable, much of this information is interwoven with team-building activities throughout the orientation event. 

Mouse Trap Activity
Published: Aug 27, 2019 2:18pm