Second Master's Degree

graduation ceremonyStudents who come to ASU with a Master's degree in a counseling-related field from a CACREP accredited institution may be eligible to obtain a Second Master's degree in Professional School Counseling by successfully completing 48 hours. The program of study must ensure that all the core required courses have been mastered:

  • HPC 4900: Public School Internship (1) (waived w/public school experience)
  • HPC 5110: Multicultural Counseling (3)
  • HPC 5140: Psychological and Educational Testing (3)
  • HPC 5210: Life and Career Planning (3)
  • HPC 5220: Counseling Theories and Techniques (3)
  • HPC 5225: Helping Relationship (3)
  • HPC 5272: Individual & Family Development (3)
  • HPC 5310: Intro to Professional School Counseling (3)
  • HPC 5754: Legal and Ethical Issues in Professional School Counseling (3)
  • HPC 5900: Practicum in Counseling (3)
  • HPC 6290: Child & Adolescent Therapy (3)
  • HPC 6450: Seminar in Professional School Counseling (3)
  • HPC 6620: School-Based Consultation (3)
  • HPC 6900: Internship in Professional School Counseling (6)

Should a student be able to demonstrate that they have already mastered the subject area either through coursework or previous experience, some requirements may be waived. The student, however, will still be required to complete a 48-hour program of study.


  • Submit an on-line Licensure Only application through the Graduate School
  • Receive an interview request
  • Participate in the Professional School Counseling Program's interview process
  • Be accepted into the program
  • Complete an individualized program of study for a Second Master's degree
  • Successfully pass required exams (CPCE, Praxis)
  • Participate in the exit interview process