Licensure Only

Endorsement for North Carolina School Counseling License (K-12)

The Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling (HPC) is one of four departments in the Reich College of Education (RCOE). Currently the Master's of Arts in Professional School Counseling is one of four counseling tracks in the Department of HPC. The PSC Program is in a unique position to help meet the increasing demand for school counselors and promote the integrity of the counseling profession. HPC offers school counseling licensure to graduates of the three other tracks, i.e. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, College Student Development, and Marriage and Family Therapy. HPC students complete similar core course requirements in varying degrees across tracks.


Students must successfully complete all program requirements, which include:

  • HPC 4900: Public School Internship (1) (waived w/public school experience)
  • HPC 5110: Multicultural Counseling (3)
  • HPC 5272: Individual & Family Development (3)
  • HPC 5310: Introduction to Professional School Counseling (3)
  • HPC 5754: Legal and Ethical Issues in Professional School Counseling (3)
  • HPC 6290: Child & Adolescent Therapy (3)
  • HPC 6450: Seminar in Professional School Counseling (3)
  • HPC 6620: School-Based Consultation (3)
  • HPC 6900: Internship in Professional School Counseling (6)

In addition to the core requirements, students from Marriage and Family Therapy and College Student Development (Administrative Track) may need to complete:

  • HPC 5210: Life and Career Planning (3)
  • HPC 5140: Psychological and Educational Testing (3)
  • HPC 5220: Counseling Theories and Techniques (3)
  • HPC 5900: Practicum in Counseling (3)

Each student's situation will be evaluated on an individual basis. A program of study will be completed designating the required courses to obtain endorsement for a school counseling license (K-12). Students are required to complete their primary program's graduate degree. The school counseling licensure will be awarded concurrently with the student's graduation from the other HPC track. Students will also satisfactorily complete comprehensive exams comparable to that required of regularly admitted school counseling students (i.e., CPCE, Praxis).


NOTE: Previous graduates from HPC's 48-hour school counseling program may also apply for Licensure Only to complete the requirements for the 60-hour program and upon successful completion be recommended for an "S" license. The 12 additional required hours include:

  • HPC 5110: Multicultural Counseling (3)
  • HPC 5272: Individual & Family Development (3)
  • HPC 6290: Child & Adolescent Therapy (3)
  • Elective (3)